Vaporizer From Disposable Geek - What Is It?

Posted by Asim Shareef on Oct 04 2021 at 07:40AM PDT

The new concept of the ultimate social networking experience has been brought to life through the launch of the first ever Disposable Geek bar; located at The Cluniverse in Covent Garden, London. Considered as the pioneer of the environmentally friendly bar, this bar is committed to providing an affordable social environment for everyone. With its aesthetically pleasing design and contemporary style, the Disposable Geek bar is sure to enchant every discerning drinker and fashionista. Available in a variety of sleek designs, each Disposable Geek bar is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on its user.

One of the most popular features of this uniquely designed Disposable Geek bar is its futuristic design, which incorporates a white label on the front which not only serves as a collector’s item but also enhances the appeal of the product. The white label has imprinted three iconic icons namely, a clock, a planet and an e-clip. The clock icon comes with interchangeable faces and can be customized according to the client’s desired design and image. The clock face can be personalized using either monochrome or color printing method, depending on individual client specifications.

Made from a resilient, recyclable material, each unit of the Disposable Geek is manufactured by hand. Utilized as a disposable unit, it ensures that each unit is made to standards of quality, durability and functionality. The two manufacturers who are responsible for manufacturing the product include Kinetic Corrosion, Ltd., in Japan, and Wabano Electrochemical, Ltd., in the U.K. Acknowledging their commitment to offering the best in class customer service, they have installed high grade, double walled, odor resistant glass and aluminum shell to ensure maximum performance.

To provide an insight into the innovative design of the Disposable Geek bar nicotine salt device, it is important to first know about the two primary ingredients used to manufacture the device. The nicotine salt, commonly known as salt, used to create the exterior surface of the device is capable of providing a cool, minty flavor to each puff. Salt is usually made from natural sources and may be obtained from sea salt, granite, or rock salt. Some may prefer to purchase the nicotine salt from a wholesale dealer to reduce cost.

Like the actual tab used in smoking, there are two main parts to the Disposable Geek. The tab can be placed inside the body of the unit, or it can be attached to the side via silicone seal. Once placed, the tab is secured under the silicone seal. Once secured, the tab is secured to the stainless steel or copper body of the unit. With the help of two lanyards provided, one can quickly and easily remove the tab and clean the body of the unit.

As for the second component, the silicone seal is similar to the tab with two exception. While the tab is secured with silicone seal, the silicone seal is used to prevent water or any kind of fluid from leaking into the unit. The design of the silicone seal also helps prevent build up of residue such as oil, tar, or similar substance on the unit. However, for best results, one should ensure that the silicone seal is unnoticeable. If this is not possible, then one should purchase a unit which has a transparent silicone seal.

Like other similar bar vaporizers, the Vaporizer From Disposable Geek comes with two stainless steel metal bases. The two bases are designed to prevent any leakage or spillage on the device and also help in keeping the temperature constant. The vaporizer has two hose connections and a stainless steel vapor chamber. It looks like a normal steam vaporizer with two stainless steel pipes connected to each other with metal rings.

The vaporizer from Disposable Geek has a stainless steel body with an adjustable temperature control. It looks similar to the original except for the fact that it is lighter and has a translucent body. Its body is made up of a plastic base with flexible rubber bands on its interior. The two stainless steel tubes can be detached and cleaned easily. One should always ensure that when cleaning this vaporizer, one should use only warm water to avoid damaging the silicone seal on the body. The vaporizer from Disposable Geek can also hold up to 25 ounces of liquid for more information click here


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